ISAM’s Wheel of Time Summary – A Crown of Swords (book 7)

Tylin: In Ebou Dar, custom says that to show honesty, women get half-naked. Elayne: Well, I don’t want to be rude. Half-naked it is. Nynaeve: Yes, it’s fine with me. I’ll just think about Lan. Tylin: Nothing like being half-naked … Continue reading

Calibre Save Template

I’ve recently started using the free program Calibre to manage my e-book collection, but the default formatting of how it saves books is not how I want mine saved at all. Calibre is a program that works for Nook, Kindle … Continue reading

Wheel of Time: Minimalist Ajah Wallpapers

Another set of Ajah wallpapers to celebrate the Wheel of Time’s completion with A Memory of Light in January. The images below are in Android dimensions – 1080x960px – but the zip file the images are linked to contains: 1600×1200, … Continue reading