How to take a Screenshot, How to Copy & Paste

How to Copy & Paste   |   How to take a Screenshot

 1. Select the text or image you want to copy.


2. Copy the selected text/image by right clicking and moving your mouse down to “Copy” or holding down the control key “Ctrl” and pressing the “C” key.


2.5 Alternately, if you are copying text/image that can be deleted (such as from one word doc to another), you can hold down the control key and press the “X” key to cut the selected element out of the current document and copy it to your clipboard.


3. Open a new (word, paint, notepad, etc.) document. You may hold down the control key and press the “V” button, or right-click the new document and go down to “Paste” or go to Edit > Paste from the menu bar of the new program.


 4. You can apply the knowledge above to take a screenshot. With the program open to what you want to take a screenshot of, press the “Print Screen” key to copy what you see to your clipboard. If you have multiple programs open and only want to copy what one program sees, hold the “Alt” key while pressing the “Print Screen” key.

5. From here, you can paste the results of the Print Screen into either Word or Paint, save the file, and send it to your desired recipient.

Website used for screenshots above is

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