Taking rooted nook 1.2 back to stock

I know this is an unusual post to start with, but if your experience with rooting a nook – especially version 1.2 – is anything like mine, you’ve probably had several panic attacks by now and are ready to go back to stock just to see if you even can.

This is a succinct version of the “Back to Stock” post from Jim Klein’s weblog, here and the original post, here, combined with this guide by eyeballer and this thread. I have found this to be the best option for returning a “Blue Dot Nook” back to stock, and also to fix a “Bricked” nook if you find yourself with one unable to boot up because of a fudged rooting process. (Usually caused by not properly wiping your data…)

Files and programs to download:


  1. Install 7zip on your machine. Most of the files you’ve downloaded or will be downloading later are in .rar or .tar or .gzip, not .zip, which means your default windows machine won’t be able to open them. If you have winrar, good for you! This will work too, but the program isn’t free like 7zip is.
  2. Back up any files you want to keep from your SD card. When you write an image to your SD card, it will erase anything that was on there before.
  3. Unzip the bootable clockwork image to your computer. (Skip this step if you already have clockwork mod recovery on your nook.)
  4. Plug in your micro SD card to your computer and write the bootable clockwork image file to your micro SD card using something like win32 disk imager. (Skip this step if you already have clockwork mod recovery on your nook.)
  5. Drag the update-nc-stock-1.2-keepcwm-signed.zip file to your micro SD card. Do not unzip it.
  6. Make sure your nook is turned off. Put the micro sd card into the back of your nook and turn it on.
  7. Format your system and data. This will be different if you have a new “Blue Dot” nook color or an older one. If you get a “Error formatting /data/!” message, use the other option.
    • You can navigate through clockwork mod recovery by using the volume up/down buttons as up/down arrows and the “n” button to select your choice. The “power” button will take you back a level.

    Go to “Mounts and Storage” > “Format System” > “Yes”.
    Go to “Mounts and Storage” > “Format Data” > “Yes”.
    Did you get an “Error formatting /data/!” message? If so, do this first:

  8. Go to “Install zip from SD card” and select the update-nc-stock-1.2-keepcwm-signed.zip file. Choose “Yes” to install. It will probably take a few minutes.
    If you got the “Error formatting /data/!” message earlier, do this now:
    Go to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. Choose yes.
  9. When it is complete, reboot your nook. If clockwork mod recovery is frozen, hold down the power button to turn it off and turn it back on normally. You should now be at the regular nook starting screen from B&N.


My computer refuses to recognize my micro SD Card. What’s up?

  • You, my friend, have an old computer and are trying to use a microHDSC – or an SD Card with more than 2gb space on it. Fear not! Most computer supply stores sell a HDSC adapter that works off of USB. Mine has a slot for both microSD cards and regular SDcards, and cost me about ten bucks.

I’m getting a Error formatting /data/! message, what’s the deal?

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of ManualNooter. Click here or here.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Win32 Disk Imager
  • Make sure you’re using the “Wipe data/factory reset” option, not the “format /system/, format /data/” options.

My nook is bricked! Help!

  • Unlikely. It’s very hard to truly brick (break/freeze up) your nook. Trust me, I did everything wrong when rooting my new 1.2 nook color and I’ve got a fully functional rooted nook today. Start over. It’s probably the issue with wiping data.

My nook won’t boot!

  • Charge your nook. I had a moment of complete panic when I had this problem originally, and the only problem ended up being that my nook didn’t have enough power to start. I felt like a dolt when I realized that was the issue, but considering how many times a Google search showed this question being asked, I wasn’t the only one to have this issue. You’re not alone.
  • Start over. Usually this means you didn’t properly wipe your data. (Do not ignore the “Error formatting /data/!” message. It’s actually important.)

My nook froze on the “n” logo when booting up.

  • Start over. It’s probably the issue with wiping data again. See here.

My nook froze on the “Barnes & Noble logo when booting up.

  • Start over. It’s probably the issue with wiping data again. See here.

I went back to stock, everything looks fine, but when I go through the new nook setup steps, I am unable to register because the keyboard keeps disappearing!

  • Start over. It’s probably the issue with wiping data again. Is this sounding familiar yet? See here.

What is Win32 Disk Imager?

  • From https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Win32DiskImager, This is a Windows program for saving and restoring images from removable drives (USB drives, SD Memory cards, etc). It can be used to write boot images (i.e. ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap4.img) to a SD Flash device or USB flash device, making it bootable. It currently does not support writing an ISO image to usb. In English, this means it turns your SD card into the modern version of a bootable floppy disk.
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