Top Christmas Wallpapers

If you’re anything like me, you want your desktop to match your mood, especially during the holidays. Here’s some of the best free illustrated Christmas/Holiday wallpapers I’ve found:


Vlad Studios

Alice, her Dragon and the Christmas Tree

The Traveling Christmas Tree

A Christmas Song

Santa Flying

Christmas Ice Skating

A Small Gift for Christmas

Fuzz Academy, mree

Fuzz Academy Needs More Ice

Rainbows in Wintertime

Polar Bears are Dry Clean Only

Total Narnian Domination


Snowman Christmas ~UNKWinc

Happy Christmas ~ThrashBarstool

My Christmas Tree ~ilona

Happy Holidays ~ilona

Skwuby’s First Christmas `DigitalPhenom

Christmas Wallpaper ~JPeiro

Those Damn Christmas Lights ~Maquita

Xmas Holiday ~Flarup
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