WordPress 105: Links

Some themes utilize the Links Manager very extensively to have links within the site. First, to access it, log into the admin dashboard of your website. You will see a section in the sidebar called links. If it is not open, clicking the word “Links” or the small gray arrow on the top right of the Links box will expand it to show all links options.

If you click the Add New button under the Links section, this will take you to the add new link screen. Once you get to the Add New screen, it is fairly self-explanatory:

  1. Type the name of the link in the Name section
  2. Type the link URL (the thing that begins with http:// ) into the Web Address section
  3. Choose an applicable links category for which you would like your link to appear
  4. Click the blue Add Link button

The other options in the Add New Link are advanced features that you do
not need to set options for unless your links are not functioning how they should.

Below this section – Target tells the website where the link should open. It is self-explanatory. Links for your site should be set to “_top” or “_none”. Links for other sites should be “_blank”.

Link Relationship and Advanced are extra settings. The links will function as they should without these options being set.

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