GPS Voice Editor

I’ve recently used the Garmin Voice Studio program to make a 10th Doctor GPS Voice Set using different snippets of David Tennant’s voice. I will soon be using TurboCCC’s program so that I can have a more varied GPS voice … Continue reading

Calibre Covers, Riftwar Saga – Raymond Feist

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to organizing my books in Calibre. I make sure that all books have the correct titles, correct authors, correct series and series number… and I make sure that my covers all match eachother. … Continue reading

Calibre Save Template

I’ve recently started using the free program Calibre to manage my e-book collection, but the default formatting of how it saves books is not how I want mine saved at all. Calibre is a program that works for Nook, Kindle … Continue reading

FastStone Photo Resizer

If you have ever gotten an error message saying that your image is too large to upload – if you have ever wondered why, when looking at your facebook page, your images seem to load very slowly – if you … Continue reading