A Song of Ice and Fire review

A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons

This is one of those series that I have to refrain from giving spoilers for, even in a review. I’ve never read anything like it. Gritty, dark fantasy. Soap Opera twists. Magic. Intrigue.

It’s friggin awesome.

I admit, I’m having a hard time writing a review for this one aside from ‘zomgreaditnow!’. I guess maybe I’ll do a character recap for reference instead? I guess. Oh, and I refuse to Google spellings. If I spelled someone’s name wrong, that’s how I read it in my head, despite the way it should be written/pronounced. Also, doing all this from memory. Highly probable that I’ve missed someone here somewhere.

Robert Baratheon – King of Westeros, married to Cersei Lannister. Best friend of Ned Stark when they were kids. Took the Iron Throne from Mad King Aerys.

Cersei Lannister – Mother of Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella. Twin sister of Jamie Lannister and older sister to Tyrion Lannister. Married to Robert Baratheon.

Jamie Lannister – Twin brother to Cersei Lannister, member of the Kingsguard and known as Kingslayer for killing Mad King Aerys Targaryan.

Tyrion Lannister – Known as “The Imp”, dwarf son of Tywin Lannister.

Tywin Lannister – Head of Casterly Rock, father to Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion.

Eddard/Ned Stark – Head of Winterfell, married to Catelyn Tully, father of Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Rickon and Jon Snow, best friend of Robert Baratheon in his youth.

Catelyn Stark – Married to Ned Stark and mother of Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. Not mother of Jon Snow.

Lysa Tully – Sister of Catelyn Tully/Stark, married to Jon Arryn, mother of Robert Arryn.

Jon Arryn – Hand of the King (Robert’s second in command), married to Lysa Tully, father of Robert Arryn.

Arys Targaryan – The mad king, father of Rhaegar, Danaerys and Viserys Targaryan.

Okay, any more and I give the story away. No lie. Read it for yourself, then watch the HBO series, Game of Thrones, in April.

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