Comic Sans vs. Calibri – The Hate

I’ve started to notice a very disturbing design trend:

Calibri is becoming the new Comic Sans.

We are a Fortune 500 Company, not a Lemonade Stand's image for why Comic Sans should not be used.

Everyone knows, or should know, not to use Comic Sans except in very small amounts and only when it is absolutely necessary. Todd’s Blog discusses the intricate details of why Comic Sans should not be used from a technical standpoint – readability, kerning, tracking, irregular uppercase versus lowercase, etc. – but it is widely known that Comic Sans is nobody’s friend.

Despite Timothy McSweeny’s rant, (which is, by the way, very funny), Comic Sans has still grown a large number of hatred from designers, business professionals, and comic book creators.

The Design Cubicle polled a number of people via Twitter to find their thoughts on Comic Sans. Some of their descriptions are: ugly, useless, amateurish, over-used, abused, cheap, unprofessional, usually used by individuals with no design skills, outdated…


Wait, outdated?

Yes, yes. The hatred of Comic Sans has spread so far that even most amateurs know not to use it. So what has come up in its stead? Calibri. It has the same wide, open, slightly childish look to it. And it is just as over-used and abused. Even worse, on older operating systems, the Vista fonts (Calibri, Candara, Segoe UI, etc.) do not display the same. They are choppy, overly large, and blurry.

Please, people. For the sake of the font you seem to love: don’t let it fall to the same hatred as Comic Sans. Stop abusing Calibri.

I hate Comic Sans and Calibri
Calibri is the new Comic Sans
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