Crazy Theories: Taim is Moridin

This theory originally came from myself and a few others on Tar Valon dot net. I don’t know if I believe my own theory, despite defending it to the death – I’m Míronisa Jacqueline Casalain on the forums there – but it is interesting. I’ll have to do a re-read of the series before AMoL comes out, so I’ll do another post either reiterating or debunking this theory then.

Here’s the recap of my theory:

If he uses the weave to make himself appear as Taim, it would be easy to hide his eyes. The easiest weaves of that sort to hold and maintain are the ones that don’t change you too much. If they already looked similar, there would be very little to change.

On that note, while we only saw Moridin later on, I think it’s highly possible that Taim, as a pre-existing Darkfriend or someone eager to take power/prestige from Rand, went to the Dark One. The Dark One promptly kills him and gives Ishmael his body.

And here’s the ‘evidence’ that I think points to it:

  1. They at least have the same interior decorator.
  2. They might also have the same plastic surgeon. Weaves could be used to hide discrepancies.
  3. Lewis Theirn hates Taim, more than other Darkfriends, and more than Forsaken in disguise, for reasons Rand can’t explain.
  4. Taim has knowledge that nobody has given explanation to, akin to what Rand knows from his Lewis Therin memories.
  5. Moridin hasn’t been doing anything big until after Taim’s cronies are set up. He hides on the wayside for most of the prior books. He could very easily have been building a darkfriend army at the Black Tower.
  6. The Black Tower is preparing for defense, not attack, as the Last Battle gets closer.
  7. Taim appears to have a dreamspike in the Black Tower.

Taim and Moridin preferring the same color scheme:

“The floor tiles were red and black here, too. Taim must particularly like those colors.”

Physical similarities

stripped from encyclopaedia-wot(dot)org

Ishmael: He is not as tall as Lews Therin. (TEotW,Prologue) He is handsome and in his prime. His mouth and eyes sometimes appear as endless caverns of flame. (TEotW,Ch14) He has pitch-dark eyes. (TGH,Ch41)

*offed in TDR, Chapter 55*

Mazrim Taim: He has black hair and is above average height. He has the dark face, tilted eyes, hooked nose and high cheekbones of a Saldaean. He looks about thirty-five. (LoC,Ch1) Perrin sees him as dark, slightly hook-nosed, handsome, almost as tall as Rand. (ACoS,Ch2)

*captured in TDR, Chapter 12 (the moment Rand proclaims himself as Dragon) & on the loose from TSR, chapter 47 until LoC, Chapter 2*

Moridin: He is a tall, broad shouldered young man the same size as Rand with bright blue eyes and a too strong chin. He has a deep voice. He is almost pretty enough for Graendal. (ACoS,Ch25) He is a big fellow with black hair and a deep voice. He is easily as tall as Rand. (ACoS,Ch41) He is a blue-eyed man with a square chin, perhaps a few years older than Rand. (KoD,Ch18)

*first appeared in aCoS, Chapter 20 as the Watcher*

Lewis Therin wanting to kill Taim in particular:

Encyclopaedia-WOT wrote:

  • When Taim is brought into the courtyard, Lews Therin rises in a frenzy in Rand’s head. After some talking, Lews Therin raves “Kill him!” Taim presents a seal and Lews Therin says “break it…” (LoC,Ch2)
  • When Taim holds saidin, Lews Therin rages “Kill him. Kill him.” Rand shouts at him to shut up and the voice disappears for some time. (LoC,Ch3)
  • When Rand sees Mazrim Taim Lews Therin rages that he should have killed him long ago. (LoC,Ch42)
  • Lews Therin screams about killing everyone when Taim is around. (LoC,Ch55)
  • Lews Therin raves about killing Sammael, Demandred and all of them when he sees the Asha’man. He is puzzled by the bond to Alanna. (ACoS,Ch7)
  • Lews Therin renews his muttering about killing the Asha’man. (TPoD,Ch21)
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