Jig the Goblin series review


If you think it’s hard being a hobgoblin or a human, try living a goblin’s life for a while. In fact, try imagining what it’s like to be the runtiest goblin in the caves, the lone worshiper of a god who’s been forgotten for thousands of years, and the target everyone points to at the first hint of trouble.
Try picturing yourself as Jig the goblin, and see how you like it. . . .


This is one of my favorite series of books. When I got my nook, these were the three first eBooks I purchased. I’ve read them tons of times and love them more and more with every read.

Jig’s the literal runt of the litter. Near-sighted, one torn ear from a fight with bigger goblins, scrawny frame, he makes an unlikely hero. Fortunately for Jig, heroism isn’t something you need to seek out to find, nor something that you need to use on a daily basis. Although Jig’s motive is mostly “don’t die”, he has a sense of honor unheard-of with most goblins.

Aside from Jig, my other favorite character is Tymalous Shadowstar, forgotten god of the Autumn Star. I’m tempted to say that, although the series is called the Jig the Goblin series, the true main character is Shadowstar. He has a sense of humor and personality reminiscent of Dresden, and it’s hard not to love him.

The omnibus of the Jig the Goblin trilogy – Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero and Goblin War, called The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer, is due out on July 3rd, 2012. Pre-order it here.

You can read sample chapters of the books on Jim’s site, here. You can also read a short Happy Jigmas style poem (to the tune of “A Night before Christmas”), here. Also, you can hear the infamous “Song of Jig”, as performed by Tom Smith, here.

Lyrics for “The Song of Jig”

The Song of Jig (to the tune of the wizard drinking song *“Sweet Tome of Ally Ba’ma”)
Heroes entered the darkness,
A dwarf, an elf, and two men,
Seeking fame, seeking glory,
Slaying goblins as they went.

But one lone goblin dodged their blades and
their bow.

That lone goblin, he survived.
They tied him up, to be their guide down below,
But Jig’s the only one who came out alive.

Hail, Jig Dragonslayer.
His sword is strong, his aim is true.
Hail, Jig Dragonslayer.
Treat him well, or he might slay you too.

Jig led them down through the darkness,
To the realm of the dead,
Where corpses leaped from the shadows
And the heroes nearly lost their heads.

Jig the goblin did not cower.
His sword is strong, his aim is true.
No, Jig the goblin did not cower.
He drew his sword and ran the Necromancer

So Jig, he led those heroes deeper,
To the darkness where the dragon dwelled.
Steam was rising from his night black scales,

And his eyes were pits from hell.
Hail, Jig Dragonslayer.

His sword is strong, his aim is true.
Hail, Jig Dragonslayer.
While others fled, Jig grabbed a spear, and he

Hail, Jig Dragonslayer.
His sword is strong, his aim is true.
Jig finished off that beast of hell.
Then he finished off those heroes too.
So treat him well, or else he might slay you.


*“Sweet Home Alabama”, anyone?
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