Mistborn Dream Movie Cast

Similar to my Wheel of Time Dream Movie Cast, my brother and I decided to do a Mistborn one. This is a combination of both of our efforts. If you need a refresher on what Mistborn is, (or haven’t yet read them) this is the “Mood Trailer” put together by Brandon Sanderson’s team in an attempt to pitch the movie to studios:

Survivor of Hathsin,
Lord of the Mists
Michael Fassbender
alt: Nathan Fillion, Simon Baker
Vin Flora Spencer
Elend Venture James McAvoy
Hammond/Ham Sam Worthington
Lord Ladrian/Breeze Oliver Platt
Cladent/Clubs Harrison Ford
Lestibournes/Spook Jay Baruchel
Dockson/Dox Russell Crowe
Marsh Christopher Eccleston
Sazed* Will Yun Lee
Yeden John DeLancie
Lord Renoux Patrick Stewart
Lady Shan Elariel Emilia Clarke
Demoux Joseph Fiennes
Straff Venture Jason Isaacs
Zane Cillian Murphy
The Lord Ruler Christopher Heyerdahl
Lord Ashweather Cett Woody Harrelson
Allrianne Cett Hayden Panettiere
Lord Ferson Penrod Hector Elizondo
Jastes Lekal Adrien Brody
Telden Hasting James/Oliver Phelps
Tindwyl* Michelle Yeoh
Obligator Yomen Djimon Hounsou
Beldre Minka Kelly
The Citizen Colin Firth


* The Terris people are Asian. Throughout the Mistborn series, they are referred to as having a polite/respectful disposition. They are thin-framed and, for the most part, a serious and quiet people. While this can be interpreted to mean many cultures, Sanderson makes it clear in The Alloy of Law (Chapter 9):

  • [Marasi] smiled. “I like the lacy dresses and smelling like flowers. I like living in the city, where I can demand modern conveniences. Do you realize I can send for Terris food at any hour of the night, and have it delivered?”
  • “Incredible.” It actually was. [Wax] hadn’t realized that was possible.

Elendel is obviously the Mistborn version of New York, which makes the reference to “Terris food” be Chinese food. (The only other cultural food that could fit in a sentence like that is “Italian food” and I’m Italian. Believe me, we are far from quiet or unassuming or delicate.) Therefore, that makes the Terris people Asian.

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