Recommended Mystery Books

Similar to my list of Recommended Urban Fantasy and Recommended Fantasy books, this is a list of recommended mysteries. I don’t usually shy too far away from fantasy/urban fantasy genres – so this list will be shorter than the others – but mystery is a nice change of pace. If there’s any others you’d like to see added here, please feel free to add a comment below!

Lawrence Sanders (the Archy McNally series)
Archy McNally is a millionaire playboy in south Florida who solves crimes of the rich and famous. With a debonair charm and striking wit, this is a series that will have you anticipating every page. (Not currently available in electronic format.)

  1. McNally’s Secret*
  2. McNally’s Luck*
  3. McNally’s Risk*
  4. McNally’s Caper
  5. McNally’s Trial
  6. McNally’s Puzzle
  7. McNally’s Gamble
  8. McNally’s Dilemma
  9. McNally’s Folly
  10. McNally’s Chance
  11. McNally’s Alibi
  12. McNally’s Dare
  13. McNally’s Bluff

*McNally’s Files – collection of the first three books

Janet Evanovich (The Stephanie Plum novels)
Stephanie is a bounty hunter working in Jersey for her slimy cousin Vinnie. In the process of trying to capture her man and bring in the money, she manages to solve crimes, make you laugh out loud, and try to stay alive while juggling the love of two very dangerous men.

  1. One for the Money
  2. Two for the Dough
  3. Three to Get Deadly
  4. Four to Score
  5. High Five
  6. Hot Six
  7. Seven Up
  8. Hard Eight
  9. *Visions of Sugarplums
  10. To the Nines
  11. Ten Big Ones
  12. Eleven on Top
  13. Twelve Sharp
  14. *Plum Lovin’
  15. Lean Mean Thirteen
  16. *Plum Lucky
  17. Fearless Fourteen
  18. *Plum Spooky
  19. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen
  20. Sizzling Sixteen
  21. Smokin’ Seventeen
  22. Explosive Eighteen
  23. Notorious Ninteen (forthcoming)

*The “Between the Numbers” books – part mystery, part urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Stuart Woods (The Stone Barrington novels)
Stone Barrington is a slightly gruff good-guy cop in New York City who ends up solving a number of mysterious crimes.

  1. New York Dead
  2. Dirt
  3. Dead in the Water
  4. Swimming to Catalina
  5. Worst Fears Realized
  6. L.A. Dead
  7. Cold Paradise
  8. The Short Forever
  9. Dirty Work
  10. Reckless Abandon
  11. Dark Harbor
  12. Fresh Disasters
  13. Shoot Him if He Runs
  14. Hot Mahogany
  15. Loitering With Intent
  16. Kisser
  17. Lucid Intervals
  18. Strategic Moves
  19. Bel-Air Dead
  20. Son of Stone
  21. D.C. Dead
  22. Unnatural Acts
  23. Severe Clear (forthcoming)

Stuart Woods (misc books)

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