“The Hollows” Review

“The Hollows” is a series of books by Kim Harrison, occasionally referred to as the “Rachel Morgan series”. After the Dresden Files series, this is one of my favorite series for Urban Fantasy.

It takes place in a slightly alternate future. (This isn’t a spoiler about the story – it’s the setting. No worries!) Instead of the space race in the 60′s, our countries instead decided to race against eachother with genetic research. One mutated virus got out in a tomato, and all of a sudden half the world was dying. When the dust settled, the “Interlanders” came out into public view. They were largely immune to the tomato virus, and the vampire, witch, pixie, werewolf, leprechaun, banshee, etc. community decided it was about time to let the rest of the humans know of their existence.

The world is believable despite the fantastic creatures that inhabit it. The story lines are far from predictable and keep you interested. The characters are full of personalization and depth. It’s a bit of a chick book, but definitely does not fall into the “Paranormal Romance” category at all. It’s strictly Urban Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy done right.

Definitely pick up “Dead Witch Walking” at your earliest available opportunity and start reading. You won’t regret it!

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