Urban Fantasy Books to Avoid

As opposed to my list of recommended urban fantasy, this is a list of Urban Fantasy books and series to avoid. Unfortunately, even though this is my favorite genre of books, it is also the one that is the easiest to screw up. Many times I’ve plodded through a book or series of books just because I started it, and in the end I’m cursing the author and wanting that day/week/etc of my life back.

Somehow, a lot of these have actually become popular so I’m sure this list is probably stepping on some toes. Seems like that’s what I do best, so let’s move on, shall we?

Urban Fantasy Books/Series to Avoid Like the Plague

Note that I’m going to include spoilers here for some of these. That’s the best way to explain that I’m not just blindly disliking these books/series for no reason. If you think I’m wrong because your cousin’s friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend’s aunt said these were awesome, then don’t open the spoiler tags. I’m using a plugin to hide the spoilers so it’s highly likely that, at some point in time, it may stop working. Just a forewarning; I don’t want people all mad that I spoiled something for them on purpose.

Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments series

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Patricia Briggs, The Mercy Thompson series

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Lilith Saintcrow, The Dante Valentine series

This series upsets me the most for being on this list. I had very high hopes for it in the beginning, and it’s an excellent idea… but it just falls flat as the series progresses. I held my breath hoping it would get better up til the very end, and when I finished the series, I was left with a ton of questions and a great desire to throw the book across the room.  Good idea, poor ending. Don’t read it unless you want to end up frustrated.

Brenda Pandos, The Talisman series

Not overall bad, but not exactly high literature, either. It’s almost completely paranormal romance with no real “urban fantasy” to it and a lot of random unbelievable plot jumps. Okay if you’re looking for something to kill time with but otherwise not that immersive.

Stephanie Meyer, The Twilight Saga

To be completely honest, I haven’t read these, and don’t plan to. There’s enough reasons out there why you should avoid this series and I don’t even have to write them:

Squidoo: Why Twilight Sucks
Twilight sucks, and not in a good way
Cracked: Why Twilight Sucks

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