Wheel of Time Movie Casting

I know this is extremely preemptive thinking, but I’m wondering who Universal Studios will choose to play the characters in the eventually forthcoming movie, The Eye of The World – based on Robert Jordan’s book 1 of The Wheel of Time. The IMDB entry states that it will possibly be out in 2011 but since we’re already four months in and casting hasn’t seemed to start yet, I don’t see that date being too viable.

I’ve started wondering – along with many other Jordan fans – which actors I would choose to play in the movie if I had my ideal choices. (Based on this topic. Descriptions from Encyclopaedia WOT.) This is what I have for the All Star Cast of Eye of the World:

Rand al’Thor
He is a head taller than his father. He has gray eyes and a reddish tint to his hair. He is about 6’5″ or 6’6″ and about 235 pounds.
Jensen Ackles
Matrim Cauthon
He has a wiry body and brown eyes. He is long-limbed as a stork. He is about 5’11″ or 6′ and about 180 pounds.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Perrin Aybara
He is half a head shorter than Rand and stocky with thick arms and shoulders. He has curly brown hair. His eyes were dark brown. He is about 6’1″ or 6’2″ and about 235 to 240 pounds.
Tom Welling
Egwene al’Vere
She has big brown eyes and dark hair. She is about 5’2″.
Natalie Portman
Nynaeve al’Meara
She is slender and barely taller than Mat’s shoulder. She has deep brown eyes and she wears her long dark hair in a braid. She is about 5’4″.
Anne Hathaway
Tam al’Thor
He has a thick chest, broad face, lined cheeks, mostly gray hair and is a head shorter than Rand. He is a blocky man. His hair is now completely gray and he has more lines on his bluff face.
Rufus Sewell
Bran al’Vere
He is a wide, round man with a sparse fringe of gray hair.
Sir Ian Holm
Marin al’Vere
She is slender with a thick braid of graying hair.
Jane Seymour
Daise Congar
She has a hard face and is twice as wide as her husband.
Kathy Bates
Wit Congar
He is scrawny and always has a sour expression.
Adrien Brody
Cenn Buie
He is gnarled, but spry. He is gnarled and dark as an old root with beady eyes.
Willem Dafoe
Moiraine Damodred
She has large, dark eyes and dark hair hanging in ringlets. She is barely tall enough to come up to Rand’s chest. A delicate gold chain fastened in her hair supports a small, sparkling blue stone in the middle of her forehead. When she was young she was impetuous and hot-tempered. She is about 5′ or 5’2″.
Sela Ward
al’Lan Mandragoran
He is very tall with shoulder length hair held by a leather headband or hadori. He is tall with long hair, gray at the temples, held back from his face by a narrow leather band. His face is made from stony planes and angles, weathered but unlined despite the gray in his hair. He has blue eyes and is very tall. His long hair is grayer than it used to be.
Viggo Mortensen
Padan Fain
He is a pale, skinny fellow with gangly arms and a massive beak of a nose. He is a skinny little fellow with a large nose and wide ears.
Steve Buscemi
Elayne Trackand
She is tall for a girl and beautiful. Her face is a perfect oval framed by a mass of sunburst curls, her lips are full and red. Her eyes are bluer than Rand can believe. She is about 5’6″.
Kirsten Dunst
Gawayn Damodred
He is a head taller and a little older than Elayne. He has the same reddish gold hair and oval face as his sister.
Ryan Gosling
Galad Damodred
He is almost too handsome for masculinity. He is tall and slender with dark hair and eyes.
James Franco
Morgase Trackand
She has her daughter’s beauty, matured and ripened. Her face and figure, her presence, fill the room like a light. She has a rich, warm voice.She looks about ten years older than Perrin does. She has blue eyes and long red-gold curls.
Nicole Kidman
Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan
She is handsome rather than beautiful. She has a sternness far beyond Moiraine’s. She has dark eyes.
Monica Bellucci
Loial son of Arent son of Halan
He is almost ten feet tall. His nose is as broad as his face. He has pointed ears with tufts of hair. His hair is a shaggy black mane. His eyebrows are very long and hang down like tails. He has pale eyes. He has a narrow strip of hair up his chest as thick as fur.
Computer Generated?
Elyas Machera
As a younger man he is fair with a short beard and broad shoulders. He is lean with yellow eyes, long graying brown hair and a thick beard. He has a long knife and bow and arrows. He dresses in fur clothes with an odd, flat top round cap.
Paul Bettany
Thom Merrilin
He is tall but stooped with white hair and long, white mustaches. He has blue eyes.
Sam Elliott
He is as tall and strong as Rand, harder than Lan, with the face of a strong man in his prime.
Ioan Gruffudd
At the Eye of the World, he is physically so old that he covers every inch of his skin.
Kiefer Sutherland (Voice)
He is not as tall as Lews Therin. He is handsome and in his prime. His mouth and eyes sometimes appear as endless caverns of flame. He has pitch-dark eyes.
James Earl Jones (Voice)

Got a better suggestion? Post it here!

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