This is both my personal and professional portfolio. Please enjoy your stay!

I have worked in graphic and web design since my first beginner’s HTML class back in 2001. Since, I have taught myself a lot of what I currently know, and have acquired a degree from Wake Tech in Advertising & Graphic Design and the following certificates: Graphics & Design, Web & Graphics Design, Web Designer, and Web Developer.

I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash. I am comfortable with using Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word. I am knowledgeable in the syntax of JavaScript, and am adept in HTML, XHTML, CSS, and CSS2. English is my native language, but I am near-fluent in Spanish and can read French.

Over the years, I have won a number of contests for my creative abilities:

2007: The North Carolina Museum of Art’s Digital Photography Contest on Flickr, entitled “LandEscapes”. The contest had four main themes, each accompanied by an Impressionist work from the museum, which we had to exemplify in our own way through our photography. My photograph, “Autumn’s Hindsight” was chosen as one of the top ten winners for theme one, “What’s Your Point of View?”

2004: ArtUproar is a semi-private online art community that I joined several years back. A digital painting that I created entitled, “My Solitude” won the Highlight Award, an award given by members of the community in appreciation of an artwork. This piece was done entirely in Photoshop with no premade textures or brushes. It took a lot of hours to blend and adjust it, especially as it was painted with the mouse and clever use of filters, not a wacom tablet.

2005: The North Carolina State Fair holds Web and Graphic Design contests every year for the chosen theme. In 2005, my web design won the Open Competition (Age 19+). It was on display for the entire week of the fair and on their website until it was redesigned for the next year, and I also received a ribbon and certificate for my efforts. Entries were judged based on creativity and cohesiveness with the overall theme of the fair, with three chosen per category.

2003, 2007: Neverwinter Nights is a game created by Bioware, complete with a toolset and its own scripting language for the express purpose of community-created offshoots of the official campaigns. Between the first and second expansions, Bioware ran a one-month Bridge Module Contest in which designers and players were invited to create a campaign take players from one to the next.

In 2003, my module, Shadohaunt, won the popular community vote and tied for the developer’s vote for best module. Two months later, I was interviewed for my accomplishment. Five years later, I was interviewed again when my module reached the Hall of Fame.

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