Calibre Covers, Riftwar Saga – Raymond Feist

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to organizing my books in Calibre. I make sure that all books have the correct titles, correct authors, correct series and series number… and I make sure that my covers all match eachother. … Continue reading

Calibre Save Template

I’ve recently started using the free program Calibre to manage my e-book collection, but the default formatting of how it saves books is not how I want mine saved at all. Calibre is a program that works for Nook, Kindle … Continue reading

Recommended Mystery Books

Similar to my list of Recommended Urban Fantasy and Recommended Fantasy books, this is a list of recommended mysteries. I don’t usually shy too far away from fantasy/urban fantasy genres – so this list will be shorter than the others … Continue reading

Recommended Fantasy Books

Similar to my list of Recommended Urban Fantasy Books, this is a list of fantasy and high fantasy that I strongly advocate. If you’ve read one on this list, chances are you’ll like the others. If you’re looking to get … Continue reading

Recommended Urban Fantasy Books

Last updated: September 17, 2012 The first couple of series are my favorites, but after that it goes in no particular order. If you like one series on this list, chances are you’ll probably like the others. Similar: Recommended Fantasy … Continue reading

“The Hollows” Review

“The Hollows” is a series of books by Kim Harrison, occasionally referred to as the “Rachel Morgan series”. After the Dresden Files series, this is one of my favorite series for Urban Fantasy. It takes place in a slightly alternate … Continue reading

The Hunger Games review

This is it: the Next Big Thing. <insert fangirl scream here> Are you ready? <drumroll…> The Hunger Games. If you don’t know what it is already, you will soon. Take my advice and read the books before you see the … Continue reading

B&N Nook Pre-Order Issues

“This title is a pre-order item and is not yet available for download.” Lies! So, I pre-ordered the nook book version of A Perfect Blood, by Kim Harrison. It came out today, and even though I got an email stating … Continue reading