Web Safe Fonts

Common fonts to all versions of Windows and Mac

These are fonts that are installed by default with all operating systems.

Windows Fonts Mac Fonts font famiy
Arial Arial, Helvetica sans-serif
Arial Black Arial Black, Gadget sans-serif
Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS cursive
Courier New Courier New monospace
Georgia Georgia serif
Impact Impact, Charcoal sans-serif
Lucida Console Monaco monospace
Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Grande sans-serif
Palatino Linotype,
Book Antiqua
Palatino serif
Tahoma Geneva sans-serif
Times New Roman Times New Roman, Times serif
Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS sans-serif
Verdana Verdana, Geneva sans-serif
MS Sans Serif Geneva sans-serif
MS Serif New York serif

However, now that Windows98 is no longer the most current operating system for Windows PCs, the amount of “common” fonts has grown. To be safe, make sure to use one of the above fonts in your list of font declarations for a style, but this broadens the font types you can use dramatically.

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